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Bag-A-Rub protect your skin care tool


For the moment the Bag-A-Rub is only available for businesses. We hope to be able to supply to individual  customers shortly too. We appreciate however your support so please do contact us when you want to stay informed about further developments. Please use our contact form to leave us your email address.

The product is made from polymers (Grub) based on silicones and when following the intended use will cause no harm with the skin. The Bag-A-Rub is dermatologically tested and when used with the right lotions, specifically intended for use and care of the skin, there will be no reaction on the skin.

The product without lotion will not leave stains on clothing or other materials.

It is allowed to use regular cleaning products.


Our Bag-A-Rub is made of GRub silicone, unlike plastic, never leeches toxic materials into foods and drinks or skin. Because it’s completely inert and safe at high temperatures, 

​Bag-A-Rub is BPA/BPS (softeners) PVC/Phtlate and lead free

 (If our silicone product ends up in nature, it will break down into small particles that are harmless to the environment and a huge advantage when compared to plastics)

Silcones consists partly of silica sand and can be recycled totally.

Bag-A-Rub can be brought to your closest recycling center.

Product lifetime

With normal use the product can last years


1.180 x 80 x 40/10 mm

How it works

Grab any bottle of skin care lotion or crème

and put the opening into the mid-section

of the Bag-A-Rub

Fill the mid-section with the lotion.

The lotion will come out of the openings.

Hold the Bag-A-Rub like you would to dry

your back with a towel

Move the tool with the lotion over your

back thus evenly applying the lotion

When done, clean with lukewarm water under the shower and hang  up to dry

OR put the Bag-A-Rub in the dishwasher.

Important! You need to clean & dry the product thoroughly after use!

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Bag-A-Rub adds your logo and company colours


Because you can take care of yourself

  • Skin friendly

  • Hygenic & Easy to clean

  • Can be used with skin lotions and oils

  • Easy to take along with you

  • Soft for your skin

  • Can be produced in a variety of colours and
    include your company logo

Bag-A-Rub skin care tool Bonaire
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