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Protect your skin with Bag-A-Rub skin care



In the Netherlands alone skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. Skincancer contributes to 52% of all different sorts of cancer.


1 in 6 People will get skin cancer


Every year another 70,000 cases are added whereas 10 years ago this was 28,000 added annually. A shocking and disturbing increase!

Most of us love a bit of sunshine! The world seems a happier place when the sun comes out. We love to go outside and catch those warm sun rays on our skin. However, dermatologists all over the world are warning us against the increasing risks of skin cancer, caused by too much, unprotected sun bathing.


So we're all warned. We understand it is important to use a sun lotion with enough spf to prevent sun burn and skin cancer. But how do you make sure you cover every bit of your skin, when your arms just aren't able to rub every bit of your back when you have nobody nearby to assist you? You can't have a tan just on the front, right? 

Therefore we invented the Bag-A-Rub in collaboration with the Technical University Twente of The Netherlands. A tool you can take anywhere with you. Is made from a very soft and flexible material. And you put your favourite sun lotion (or of course, body lotion) on one side of the BAG-A-RUB and rub it on your skin  and keep your skin protected and hydrated at all times. You are independent and you can look after yourself with the Bag-A-Rub. You can take it with you to the beach, on your hike with your dog, even hang it up in the shower!

The Bag-A-Rub allows you to put the lotion in the middle of the product and you can use the ''arms" of the product to lift it over your head and evenly spread the lotion over your back, or the back of your legs, just like you use a towel to dry your back.

When you're finished you can easily clean the Bag-A-Rub by just opening the middle bit and clense it with warm water. Or you can just put it in the dishwasher! That way your Bag-A-Rub is always clean and hygienic to use.

Let’s make the most of summer with this super trendy product;
keep a healthy skin, taking good care of yourself!

Hydrate skin with Bag-A-Rub


Because you can take care of yourself

  • Skin friendly

  • Hygenic & Easy to clean

  • Can be used with skin lotions and oils

  • Easy to take along with you

  • Soft for your skin

  • Can be produced in a variety of colours and
    include your company logo

Bag-A-Rub skin care tool use in shower
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