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Our product has a potential of serving an audience worldwide, as the sun rays cover every inch of the globe. For now we process business orders/warehouses and in due time we hope to be available for individual customers too.


If you are interested in ordering your own taylor made Bag-A-Rub, please just contact us via the contactform or give us a call.

We will be happy to inform you about all the details with regard to quantities, colours, packaging and shipping. 

Hydrate your back with sun lotion with Bag-A-Rub


Is your company a producer of sun lotions or body lotions? Our product is a great incentive to add to your own brand identity.

Skin cancer - Put sun lotion on your back with Bag-A-Rub


Are you a health care organization focussing on psoriasis, exzema or other skin diseases and would your patients benefit from the BAG-A-RUB?

Bag-A-Rub skin care tool to keep your back hydrated


Not everyone can afford to have their own  massage therapist. We offer the next best alternative!

Take Bag-A-Rub on your travels and hydrate your skin anywhere and any place


So many people travel alone, how about them travelling with this product with your logo and company colours imprinted!

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