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Eczema and psoriasis - Bag-A-Rub

Skin care tool to make your patients feel more independent


Apart from sun burn, a lot of people suffer from skin diseases. When these are located at hard to reach places on the body, some help will be needed from another individual to apply the lotion or medicial cream. Sometimes people find it awkward to have to ask someone else for help. With the Bag-A-Rub they can independently put on lotions or creams in a hygenic way. Surely your organization  will want to support this?


Care for the elderly


Independence is important to any human being. It affects your self esteem and self worth. Elderly people may have a little bit more problems bending their knees, or their back to put cream on or under their feet. The Bag-A-Rub makes it just that little bit easier to do just that!

Independency for elderly - Bag-A-Rub skin care
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